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The Flex-Chlorinator provides a simple and effective way to add residual disinfection to your purified water after treatment by a First Water purifier.  There are situations where continued disinfection is desirable such as long-term storage or regulatory compliance.

Using common household bleach, the Flex-Chlorinator injects chlorine into your treated water.  Powered by the existing water supply, the internal motor drives a chemical pump, injecting a very precise amount of chlorine directly into the waterline.  The speed of the motor and pump is proportional to the water flow, ensuring a consistent injection of chlorine regardless of fluctuation in water pressure and flow.  Since the motor is completely water-powered, there are no additional electrical requirements.

Power RequirmentsNone

Flow Capacity0.5 – 13 gpm

PumpWater Driven Diaphragm

  • Power requirement - None

  • Flow capacity - 5 - 13 GPM

  • Pump - Water Driven Diaphram

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