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The FW-300-M is a versatile system that provides high volume water purification in a field-deployable package.  Four-tier Zeonic filtration and high-power UV disinfection enable it to provide the highest volume of water possible in a ruggedized mobile case.  

The FW-300-M is ideally suited for emergency response scenarios, including Victim and First Responder Support, Public Health, Mobile Medical, Shelter Support, and other field deployment scenarios.  It can be moved to any compromised freshwater source and produce up to 7,000 gallons per day of clean potable water.

The advanced First Water Treatment System and class A ultraviolet disinfection is at the core of the FW-300 and has been proven effective against microbiology as small as 0.019 microns. The First Water 40 treatment system is effective against viruses, bacteria, and cysts in freshwater sources and has been independently certified to both civilian and DoD standards for emergency water purification.

  • Water Source - Fresh

  • Purification Rate - 5 GPM

  • Pump - Onboard

  • Power - 120v

  • Amps - 19

  • Dimensions - 31 x 24 x 17 in

  • Weight - 105 lbs

  • Pore Size - Effective to 0.019 Microns

  • Testing Standard - USEPA/NSF P248/P231

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