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Water Bladders

First Water Clean Water Bladders are the perfect answer for liquid storage, containment, and transportation needs.  The XR-3 bladders are ideal for potable, gray or black water applications.  All bladders are air pressure tested before shipment, are easy to handle and fold down for compact storage.

Our Bladders are constructed of XR-3 PW membrane. XR-3 is the preferred membrane for the containment of potable water.  This high strength, puncture, tear, and UV resistant membrane is the only coated fabric with NSF 61 approval for potable water contact.

  • Capacity - 300 / 600 / 2,000 gallons

  • Filled Size - 5"X7"x16" / 16.7"X7'X9'X17" / 10'6"X14'6"X22"

  • Dry Weight - 29lbs / 35lbs / 82lbs

  • Thickness - 30 mils

  • MSF61 Material - XR-3 PW

  • NSF61 Flange Connector - 1.5" / 1.5" / 2" 

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