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Advanced Purification Technology

First Water purification systems rely on proven technologies to produce potable water from virtually any fresh water source.  Utilizing onboard pumps or existing pressure, water is passed through multiple levels of filtration including:

  1. Sediment filtration for removal of dirt and debris

  2. Carbon Block filtration for removal of taste and odor

  3. Virus Media filtration for removal of viruses, bacteria and cysts

  4. Class "A" UV as redundant disinfection

Our proprietary virus filtration utilizes NASA derived technology to achieve and unprecedented level of removal of microbiological contaminants.  After the mechanical filtration process, the water is passed through an Ultraviolet Light Disinfection process.  Exposure to the UV light effectively neutralizes any contaminants and provides a layer of redundancy to the filtration process.

Every water purification system we produce is independently certified to NSF protocols P231 and P248, which outline standards for microbiological water purifiers in the domestic and military market.

This unique technology is deployed on each First Water purification systems.  Each unit has chasis designed to fulfill a certian operational function.  The filtration components are then scaled to fit the flow demand and chassis configuration.

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