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First Water is proud to offer a full line of fully portable and wall-mounted water purification systems that produce potable water from 120 to 1,200 gallons per hour.  Each product has been specifically designed for rugged environments, fast deployments, and large communities of people.

First Water utilizes advanced, proprietary filtration technology to produce microbiologically safe drinking water from compromised fresh water.  Multi-tiered disinfection ensures redundancy in the filtration process.  Our proprietary Zeonic filter removes living organisms such as viruses, bacteria, and cysts and has been tested against the most stringent EPA and DoD standards.  Featuring filters to enhance taste and redundant Class "A" ultraviolet, the process will purify virtually any contaminated fresh water.

The portable emergency water purification systems have been engineered specifically for fast deployments during disasters and emergency management.  The wall-mounted equivalents will provide ample water for critical infrastructure during water outages.  Whether highly portable solar-powered purifiers to large volume community-based systems, First Water has a solution for almost any water need.


Having the world's best water purification technology and systems is only the start to a total solution that meets the demanding requirements faced by government and health care.  To meet the need of supplying a total solution, First Water has developed a full line of supporting products.

Prior to cleaning dirty water, many times a temporary holding mechanism must be provided that is both portable and flexible in deployment.  The First Water Supply Station holds up to 3,000 gallons of source water, yet folds up into a very small and portable package.

Similarly, after the source water has been purified, a number of products are available for critical dissemination.  From the addition of chlorine to a mechanism that splits the flow of purified water into multiple taps to bottle the clean water, every need has been addressed.  If the water is to be provided in an emergency situation, 1.5-gallon sterile bags with handles and spouts enable victims to easily carry their supply of life-saving clean water.

Each supporting product is designed to fulfill a specific role in the critical requirement to effectively and safely distribute the clean water under very diffident conditions.

Please click on any image below for detailed information on the water purification system or supporting product.  To download documentation or view videos, please click:

Supply Station
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