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Nex-Gen Bladder

The NexGen Reusable Bladder is an innovative solution that solves many potable water storage challenges.  The system incorporates a rigid outer shell constructed of PVC for superior tear and puncture resistance.  The disposable inner liner is made of food-grade material designed specifically for potable water storage.  Each bladder kit contains 1 rigid shell, 1 inner liner, and a tap.

With the NexGen Reusable Bladder solution, sterilization of your potable water bladder after use is no longer an issue. Simply replace the low-cost inner liner after any deployment to maintain food-grade quality even during long term storage. This makes NexGen an ideal solution for state and local governments, fire departments, hospitals, or any other emergency response organization responsible for providing potable drinking water to a population. It is easy to store, quick to set up, simple to clean, and requires no ongoing maintenance.

  • Capacity - 125 / 500 gallons

  • Filled Size - 6'6" X 6'6" (500 gallons)

  • Storage Size - 14" X 14" X 27" (500 gallons)

  • Dry Weight - 26lbs (500 gallons)

  • Outer Layer - PES 1,000 Den PVC

  • Inner Layer - LLDPE (FDA Compliant)

  • Connector - 2" threaded port

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